Are you frustrated at the lack of detailed information available for dive trips on the internet?

When it comes to planning scuba trips, the lack of information out there can add unnecessary time to your travel planning. I created Scuba Mind to fill that gap and create detailed, all encompassing guides for travelers as obsessed with scuba diving as I am.

On Scuba Mind you’ll find:

  • Destination guides with scuba divers in mind, with tips on the best dive spots, hotels and transportation.
  • Bucketlist dive experiences
  • Liveaboard choices
  • Dive resort reviews
  • Epic snorkeling experiences
  • Scuba gear reviews

About Lexi

Hi, I’m Lexi and I’m from Australia.

I couldn’t find any flattering photos of myself in the water, so you’re stuck with this one of me somewhere in Japan. Is it just me or does everyone gain ten kilos while trying to take a dive selfie?

I’ve been scuba diving on and off throughout the years, until recently making it more of a focus in my trips. I’m definitely not what I’d call an experienced scuba diver, but its something I really enjoy doing.

  • Favourite Dive: Thresher shark dive in Malapascua or wreck dive in Coron.
  • Favourite underwater creatures: Sharks

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